‘5 Australian books that can help young people understand their place in the world’

The blurb for this fantastic article reads “Reading texts by and about diverse Australians will change the ways all young people see themselves and their communities. Here are five such books.”

This article, titled as above in the post title, appeared online in The Conversation on December 23, the timeliness of such publishing should not go unnoticed, given that school holidays, Christmas, and a wider summer break (for reading!) are presented to us and our young people.

I also love the caption of the photo which reads “It is important for young people to read literature that reflects their own life and also expands their experiences of the world.”<<< YES! This is very important for us as English Teachers to continue to expose our students to texts in which they can relate to, as well as be challenged by. And such a task is not just the job of an English Teacher, but a wider community impact and collective approach, too!

I am very pleased to see headlining the list in this article is a novel related to this Teacher Fellowship, Terra Nullius by Claire G. Coleman. The authors write “In Terra Nullius, Clare G. Coleman offers older teenagers the opportunity to immerse themselves in an imaginative response to colonisation.”

I am also excited to see listed as number three, The Yield by Tara June Winch. “While moments of violence and dispossession are central to the story, there is also tenderness and beauty in this novel by one of Australia’s most exciting authors.”

I also love (and respect!) the shout out to the Reading Australia website at the end of this article. As it rightly says, the resource authors of the site are Australian Teachers, however its use is open and for all our wider community to engage with and enjoy!

I have either met or know of these English curriculum academics and have great respect for them and their work. In reading the biography of Larissa McLean Davies we both share being recipients of the generous Copyright Agency’s #CulturalFund! Thank you, colleagues, for sharing this really helpful list with us. It is welcome, and let’s continue to add to it!

What Australian texts have you encouraged your young people to read lately, that not only reflects their experiences, but which left them with a new view and perspective?

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