Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous Australia

As my attention turns to some ‘back to school’ planning and wider reflection on my teaching resources, I am so excited to come across the revised and updated Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous Australia Second Edition. This text was released in September of last year (2019) and appears to be a really important publication.

I’m excited about this resource as I see it as a one-of-a-kind tool which can be used for inquiry and developing knowledge to understand cultures, contexts, and lives of our First Nations peoples. I’m excited for it’s cross-curricular potential, as it has both maps and data from census (provided by the Australia Bureau of Statistics) to explore a visual history and representation.

In looking into what enhances this second edition it is the presence of First Nation voices and writers contributing. It’s so interesting to read these contributor biographies (ranging from arts to academia and everywhere in between!) and I think one activity I will have my students do is to conduct further research onto these significant individuals.

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